About DAM

DAM's main line of business is water treatment plant operations, focusing on operation services, maintenance and upkeep of water treatment plants as well as water sewage and supply systems, and others. And It currently operates more than 300 plants around the world 

Since its founding, the company has expanded its main line of business into new areas:

All this bussines generate to DAM an annual revenue of 87 millon euros 

A clear quality policy has been implemented in all the services offered, ensuring that all staff is technically qualified to the highest of standards in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the particular needs of each and every one of our clients.

DAM currently employs a multidisciplinary team made up of approximately 927 employees, including 226 university and college graduates in a wide variety of technical fields.  

Our team manages the wastewater for a population equivalent to more than 10.600.000 inhabitants, generating over 903.000.000 cubic meters of treated water annually.

Our team also manages the sludge produced by water treatment plants, more than 274.000Tn/year, via the direct application in agricultural activities or via composting. For that issue DAM operates a Plant authorized to treat wastewater treatment sludge